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Marianna Angel & Yanik Soland

SOLAND ANGEL is a duo from Basel (CH), consisting of Marianna Angel and Yanik Soland.

Both have a strong focus on the combination of improvisation, composition and visual arts. Their collaboration began in 2019 at a concert in concert in Rotterdam, where they explored their first improvisational approaches. Since then, they have played concerts as part of exhibitions, performances and clubs. Among others at the Centre d'art Contemporain, Rennes; Kunsthalle Basel; James Turell Skyspace Piz Uter, Zuoz; Galerie Anton Janizewski, Berlin; Centre Centre Culturel Suisse, Paris. SOLAND ANGEL was awarded a grant for improvisation by the improvisation by the BS/BL expert committee.

Marianna Angel (*1992) is a Colombian-Swiss pianist who lives in Basel. She studied classical piano with Pierre Sublet and Antoine Françoise at the Bern University of the Arts and has studied composition and improvisation as part of her master's degree (with Christian Henking and Simon Steen Andersen, among others). Angel is part of various collaborations, such as with the musician and artist Yanik Soland (Soland Angel /YUKI), Laura Chihaia (ANGEL CHIHAIA Duo), Michelle Steinbeck/ Gracia Steinemann and played in the improvisation ensemble KRAN until 2020. In recent years, she has been part of projects at the Basel Theatre (Das Grosse Heft), with the Ensemble NEC (Chroma, Rebecca Saunders), at Wien Modern (Ceremony, Georg Friedrich Haas) and has been increasingly involved in art contexts, such as Christian Marclay's INVESTIGATIONS project.

Yanik Soland (*1990) lives and works as a musician and artist in Basel.He studied Fine Arts at the Institute of Art at the HGK FHNW Basel (Bachelor) and at the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam (Master) and started a second Master in Composition and Improvisation at the Music Academy Basel, Department of Classical Music in 2022.His work moves between visual arts, composition, improvisation, curation and performance.As a composer, he has written music for theatre (Schauspielhaus Zürich, junges theatre basel, Theater Basel) as well as for his own ensemble, band and solo projects and has developed video soundtracks, performance soundtracks (Kunstmuseum Basel) and audio pieces. The audio piece Going To Switzerland by Stefanie Müller-Frank, for which Soland contributed the music and production, was honoured with the Overall Gold Award and the Gan Bearia Award at the HearSay - Audio Arts Festival (IRL). In live performances, Soland works with self-built instruments, modular synthesizers, electric bass and voice with bands such as MIR, Zapperlipopette!, YUKI, SOLAND ANGEL and ARF. His first solo album YUKI was released in 2021 on the Futura Resistenza label (NL/BXL). Various media are used for exhibitions, such as drawing, object, painting, installation and performance at Kunsthalle Basel, ART Basel, Kunstverein Freiburg and Kunsthalle Zürich, among others.

Atelier Mondial

Cité Internationale des Arts 18, rue de l'Hôtel de Ville F- 75004 Paris

Further information

Origin: Basel, Schweiz

Destination: Paris, Frankreich

Time period: 01.07.2024 - 31.12.2024

Exchange: Outgoing

Programme type: Visual Arts

Grant type: Studio