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Atelier Mondial

Atelier Mondial is an international and interdisciplinary grant program that gives artists practising a range of disciplines from the Basel region (both cantons), Solothurn, the region of South Baden and the region of Alsace the opportunity to practice abroad for several months in one of the program’s approximately 11 partner contries. Each year, applications open for these studio grants – as well as for travel and research grants for independent projects. The studio grants include a financial contribution toward living expenses and free use of an on-site residential studio/studio apartment. The recipients of the grants are selected by an expert jury.

    Atelier Mondial

    Atelier Mondial
    Freilager-Platz 9
    4142 Münchenstein

    Atelier Mondial
    c/o Christoph Merian Stiftung
    St. Alban-Vorstadt 12
    4052 Basel
    +41 61 226 33 11

      How to find us

      The Atelier Mondial studios and Salon Mondial are located at Freilager Platz 9 (in the extension of Oslostrasse, actual entrance Oslostrasse 12, 1st floor). Our office is located on the platform, opposite the entrance to the HEK (Haus der elektronischen Künste Basel).

      Public transport: Take tram no. 11. Exit at the Freilager tram stop; walk past HGK and across the square. We are located above the House of Electronic Arts (HEK).

      By car: There is no on-site parking. Please use the Parkhaus Ruchfeld multi-storey car park.

        In return, and in the spirit of a traditional exchange, our international partners fund grants for residencies in the Basel region, where Atelier Mondial has 7 studios (alongside one in Freiburg and another in Mulhouse). Our partner institutions are generally responsible both for selecting and financing these grants. This means that the only way to apply for a residency in Basel is with our partners abroad! In specific cases, Atelier Mondial offers financial support to selected guest artists from the Global South. The guest artists chosen by our partners reside and work in the Atelier Mondial studios for three to six months, with support from our team.

        The specific goals of Atelier Mondial are to foster interdisciplinary, multicultural, and diverse dialogue about art and to promote long-term, substantial, inclusive, and friendship-based networking between artists from various cultures, geographies and artistic practices. In keeping with this, the exchange program also seeks out and encourages interaction with regions whose conception of art is not principally shaped by the West. These exchanges and dialogues are based upon years-long partnerships with related organisations around the world. The goal of Atelier Mondial is to continuously form new partnerships while responding flexibly to changes in both the production of art and in the art market.

        With these extensive offerings, Atelier Mondial hopes to stimulate the art scenes in Basel, Solothurn, the regions of Alsace and South Baden, but also to foster connections between artists from various countries and cultures. It also hopes to make a lasting impact on individual and artistic biographies.


        It is through exchanges in several artistic disciplines that Atelier Mondial seeks to advance intercultural communication and understanding. Atelier Mondial is a racism-aware organisation and open to diversity of all kinds (including but not limited to LGTBIQ+, race, gender, age, origin and religion). We also welcome artists with their partners and families.


              Dr. Alexandra Stäheli

                Annie Heine
                Responsible Artist Coaching and Studio Management

                  Verena Metz Zumaran
                  Project Assistant


                    As a partner for institutions worldwide, Atelier Mondial offers its guests the following at its premises on the Dreispitz:

                    • At full occupancy, 7 guest artists can be housed within the facilities.
                    • The Cuisine Mondiale, a communal kitchen, can be used for events.
                    • The Salon Mondial exhibition space can be used for events (only a small amount of technical equipment is available).
                    • Every Friday, Cuisine Mondiale hosts Meet and Eat, an open lunch for everyone
                    • Atelier Mondial undertakes monthly excursions to local institutions.
                    • Atelier Mondial organises monthly meet-ups with people from the local art scene.
                    • Option to conclude the residency with a group exhibition or an open-studio session.
                    • Atelier Mondial offers support in finding production materials.



                      The Christoph Merian Foundation established Atelier Mondial in 1986 under the name IAAB (“Internationales Atelier- und Austauschprogramm der Region Basel”, International Studio and Exchange Programme of the Basel Region). Michael Alder, an architect from the region, built the organization’s studio premises at St. Alban-Tal 40a, Basel.

                      The program has steadily expanded and undergone numerous structural changes since then. Thanks to a unique agreement reached in 2013 with local and regional governments, Atelier Mondial is today a shining example of a successful private-public partnership and cross-border cooperation in the tri-region between Basel, Mulhouse, and Freiburg.

                      The artist exchange program was relaunched to coincide with the move to the new Freilagerplatz 9/Dreispitzareal building designed by the architectural office Rüdisühli-Ibach in November 2014. Since then, the program has in many ways become an integral part of the interdisciplinary neighbourhood on the Dreispitz site, working alongside the Basel Academy of Art and Design (HGK), the House of Electronic Arts (HEK), Radio X, dance and digital studios, and the Haus Oslo Ateliers cooperative.

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