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Basel (Cuisine Mondiale)

Duration: depending on availablity

Dates: January - December

Exchange location since: 2014

The city:
Located at the intersection of Switzerland, Germany, and France, Basel is a significant economic and cultural hub. It has a rich cultural heritage (Erasmus, Holbein, Böcklin, Burckhardt, Nietzsche), lively traditions, and a dynamic, diverse cultural sector (theatre, music, dance, film). Many of its museums – Kunstmuseum (for contemporary art), the Schaulager museum, Kunsthalle, Fondation Beyeler, Museum der Kulturen (Museum of Cultures), Tinguely Museum, the Antikenmuseum/Sammlung Ludwig (Basel Museum of Ancient Art and Ludwig Collection) – have strong international reputations. An active independent scene and numerous off-spaces, particularly in the art sector, enhance the aura of the public and private institutions.

Atelier Mondial is situated in the 2014-built building complex at Freilager Platz on the Dreispitzareal, a developing art district behind the SBB train station. The studios of Atelier Mondial are part of an expanding campus of the arts with new off-spaces and galleries, located close to Schaulager and Kunsthaus Baselland and directly across from the Basel Academy of Art and Design (HGK). The ground floor of the structure at Freilager Platz 9 houses the House for Electronic Arts Basel (HEK), while the upper floor is occupied by visiting artists from all over the world.

Cuisine Mondiale:
Alongside the Salon Mondial is the Cuisine Mondiale, an 82m² communal kitchen used by guests and the neighbouring 20 or so artists of the cooperative Haus Oslo Ateliers (GOA); it can also be rented for catering purposes, meetings or seminars during events at the Salon. At Cuisine Mondial, 40 chairs are available alongside an oven, ceramic hob, kitchen utensils and large refrigerator.

Adress Cuisine Mondiale:
Atelier Mondial
Freilager-Platz 9
4142 Münchenstein

Adress project management:
Atelier Mondial – International Arts Exchange Program Basel Mulhouse Freiburg
c/o Christoph Merian Stiftung
St. Alban-Vorstadt 12
4052 Basel



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