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Mathieu Boisadan

Working as a professional artist, I am represented by Patricia Dorfmann Gallery in Paris. Painter and teacher at HEAR art school in Strasbourg, daily working at the studio builds the fertility of my work.

A childhood divided between France and Switzerland; as a teenager of the Cold War, I have always been fascinated by the physical and psychological borders of the world. The situation of the in-between is that of my comfort. In my paintings, the situation of being on the edge is formally expressed simultaneously through violence and sweetness, trying to join without fully achieving. A vitalist axiom where the synaesthesia of bodies and things is constantly close to rupture, hesitating of making union or bursting.

Painterly, this is resulting in the combination of different influences, reaching from Spanish tenebrism, in the beginnings, to chromatic complexities as found in Italian Quattrocento and Alpine scenery painting. Over the last two years, I'm emphasizing this combination with the dampness of the Russian school, borrowing its chromatic palette and mimicking its masters painting motifs, I'm thinking of Nesterov, Polenov, Repine. Processing this copyist-demiurgic act has produced rare and unexpected shifts, close to the ruptures that I'm seeking for, and that I will be able to fully experience during my stay in Moscow.

«La Beauté ne s'apprivoise pas», 2017, Öl auf Leinwand, 240 x 200 cm
«Eden épuisé», 2017-2021, Oil on canvas, 178 x 116 cm
Atelier Mondial

End of the Century Art Project, Klimentovskiy Pereulok. 6, app 23, 113184 Moskau, Russland

Further information

Origin: Alsace Region, France

Destination: Moscow, Russia

Time period: 01.01.2018 - 31.12.2018

Exchange: Outgoing

Programme type: Visual Arts

Grant type: Travel grant