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Juanita Delgado

Juanita Delgado is a transdisciplinary artist, singer, composer, and voice researcher who explores various vocal and stylistic universes. She creates diverse musical projects, public space interventions, sound performances, and theater and expanded theater productions. She has collaborated with choreographers, theater directors, performers, video artists, and composers, such as: Xavier Le Roy, Omar Porras, María José Arjona, Haydée Schwartz, and Pedro Sarmiento, among others. Delgado was the director of the Musical Theater Program at Sergio Arboleda University. She currently teaches at Javeriana University and the National University of Colombia and directs the Voice and Body Research Center. She also works with Santiago Botero, musician composer/improviser, in a duo with various ongoing projects.

For Juanita, the voice is in the spectrum of the most complex of sounds and with her work, she seeks to delocalize the voice as a means of speech to develop layers of meaning that go beyond language. She also seeks, through her creations and workshops, to create platforms for personal and a profound subjective listening that promote the experience of singular perception.

Atelier Mondial

Atelier Mondial Freilager-Platz 9 4142 Münchenstein

Further information

Origin: Bogotá, Colombia

Destination: Basel, Switzerland

Time period: 01.04.2023 - 30.04.2023

Exchange: Incoming

Programme type: Visual Arts

Grant type: Studio