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João Modé

João Modé’s practice operates through an ethic of affection towards the objects or the environment with which the artist establishes a relationship. The subtle impact of his installations is given by an internal dynamics between these “bodies” that implies an act of horizontal exchange between them: the artist selects the objects but the objects also choose him; Modé observes the space, which reacts back and determines the actions to be undertaken in his projects. [Daniela Castro]

I’ve been working in a very experimental work since de mid 80’s. My work involves put sound for a forest [For the silence of the plants], spread essences on the streets of Rio de Janeiro [Essence], making nets with hundreds of persons [NET Project]. Since 2013 I’ve been developing a group of works that I call “Construtivo [Paninho]’. Using sewing and embroidery, I appropriate kitchen towels, sheets and cloths of daily use to build works in homage to the geometric/abstract tradition of Brazilian art. A kind of 'constructive-affective'.

My project at Atelier Mondial is a research on Constructivism in Switzerland not only in modernist art but also in architecture and graphic design.

The past comes from the front on a breeze, 2015
Installation at Museu do Açude, Rio de Janeiro
Pieces made with clay, cob wall, food for birds and horse
Architecture for Broken Bicho and Shelter for Ying Yang and stone, 2012
Installation at Sølandet Art Museum, Kristiansand, Norway
Glasses founded on the museum, cardboard, photo, stone, found objects
Construtivo [Paninho], bordado 1, 2016-17
Embroidery on linen
20 x 30 cm
Atelier Mondial

Atelier Mondial Freilager-Platz 9 4142 Münchenstein

Further information

Origin: Rio de Janeiro, Brasilien

Destination: Basel, Schweiz

Time period: 02.05.2023 - 31.07.2023

Exchange: Incoming

Programme type: Visual Arts

Grant type: Studio