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Jan van Oordt

Jan van Oordt was born in Zürich in 1980. After completing his studies in fine arts BA he moved to the village St.Imier(CH) and founded the seasonal artspace and residencyprogram "La Dépendance" in 2018 that he directs ever since. In 2019 he completed his studies in Basel with an MA. His practice has evolved along various medias with a focus on video and installation in his earlier career. In recent works there is a turn towards immersive mixed media installations with a strong interest assemblages where single parts of the installation function in themselves as well as in the spacial arrangement of their display. Relational aesthetics, drawing, sculpture, painting, photography and sound are intertwined in the recurring themes of his work that orbits around the questioning of the nature/culture divide, notions of agency in human and non human fabrics, as well as modes and subjective standpoints of noticing. He won the Kunstkredit award of Basel in 2019 and was nominated for the Swiss Art Awards in 2020.

"Premises", Installation, 2022 Photo: Claude Barrault
"Premises", Installation, 2022
Photo: Claude Barrault
Atelier Mondial

ISLA Instituto Superior Latinoamericano de Arte SACO, Ubicación ISLA y Oficina SACO General Lagos #0874 Sector Playa Blanca, Antofagasta

Further information

Origin: Basel, Switzerland

Destination: Antofagasta, Chile

Time period: 01.10.2023 - 31.12.2023

Exchange: Outgoing

Programme type: Visual Arts

Grant type: Studio