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Hannah Kindler

Hannah Kindler is an interdisciplinary artist whose work oscillates between sculpture, performance, video and installation. The focus is on the textile in all its diverse cultural and historical dimensions. She explores the interconnections of culture, gender identity, fashion, colonialism, trade and violence under the conditions of globalised production. In doing so, she delves into questions of identity and its relation to the body.

In her artistic practice, the idea of "making and unmaking" plays a central role. This refers very literally to her mostly manual working process, in which she often takes existing things apart, turns their innermost parts inside out and puts them back together again. But it is also meant metaphorically: social and cultural constructions are unravelled by her, dissected and something new is created from their remains. She pays particular attention to the visual appearance of bodies and the social roles assigned to them. Kindler often explores this through the use of colourful, patterned textiles, in the form of whimsical puppets that assume provocative poses, in masks or in metamorphic objects in space or on performers' bodies.

Through the act of making and unmaking, she challenges the internalised limitations of existing social narratives and identities while questioning her own perception of reality. In this cosmos, she presents a variety of figures, characters and puppets that function as avatars or alter egos and play with gender stereotypes and clichés. This form of staging blurs the boundaries between the "real" and the "fictional" self.

Atelier Mondial

Unione Elvetica, Sezione culturale, Via Peschiera 33. I-16122 Genova

Further information

Origin: March, Deutschland

Destination: Genua, Italien

Time period: 01.06.2024 - 31.08.2024

Exchange: Outgoing

Programme type: Visual Arts

Grant type: Studio