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Esther Ernst

Drawing is my home. The paper is my stage. On it I can let everything appear and disappear. I can invent, deepen, revise and analyse. To do this, I use different drawing styles at the same time, because the fleeting sketch or the scribble speaks a different language than the precise, analytical drawing. And this simultaneity of languages most closely reflects my perception of the world.

I love observing the world for life. Living, drawing and noting constantly fuel each other. I need writing and drawing to understand what is happening around me, as a reaction to the world and myself.

When I travel, I draw landscapes and cities, I am interested in cartography, and I read in space about necessities, dreams, misplanning and all the other stories of people, plants and animals.

I am fascinated by linked thoughts, speculations and aberrant feelings. The invisible inner life. I can draw anything. On walls or paper, in a small-format diary or on large sheets of paper to be unfolded. Only those who erase lose.

Atelier Mondial

House of Art Kotchar Str.13, 0019 Jerewan, ArmenienPartnerorganisation: Stiftung KulturDialog Armenien Mashtots Ave. 16, 0002 Jerewan, Armenien

Further information

Time period: 01.07.2024 - 31.12.2024

Exchange: Outgoing

Programme type: Visual Arts

Grant type: Studio