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Daniela Brugger

In search of collective spaces for action, Daniela Brugger (she/her) moves in different media and disciplines. Her conceptual practice is based on exchange and operates between artistic production, collaboration, curation and education. She is fascinated by how digitalisation is shaping society and thus changing the way we interact with each other. She scrutinises the conditions of given spaces and explores possibilities of movement within seemingly rigid structures. She presents her work as performances, installations, videos, texts, drawings, workshops and audio works.

Daniela Brugger was born in Switzerland and studied in Brussels, Budapest, Zurich and Basel. In recent years, she has initiated numerous projects, including the feminist Wikipedia writing project "Who writes his_tory?", the radio project "Knastradio" and the performance project "Oppressed by Privilege/Privileged by Oppression". Since 2013, she has had studio residencies in Iceland, Berlin, Cape Town, Johannesburg and Rotterdam and is regularly present in self-organised and institutional spaces. She was awarded the Basel Cultural Promotion Prize in 2018 and the City of Basel Work Grant in 2019.

Atelier Mondial

Kin-Art-Studio (KAS), Kin ArtStudio, KAS - Kinshasa

Further information

Origin: Basel, Schweiz

Destination: Kinshasa, Demokratische Republik Kongo

Time period: 01.07.2024 - 31.12.2024

Exchange: Outgoing

Programme type: Visual Arts

Grant type: Studio